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UHF CB Radios

Person holding radio

CHANNELS EXPLAINED When you are on the road, having a chat with a fellow traveller can add a pleasurable dimension to your trip. You can also find out interesting things about where you are travelling towards (from people who are travelling in the opposite direction to you.) You can also use it to call for […]

Bearing Replacement

4WD drive rear wheel covered in mud

READ THIS IF YOU’RE CHANGING YOUR OWN BEARINGS… Firstly, when replacing bearings, replace the whole lot, not just the obvious crook bearing or seal. Do both sides as well, even though only one side might be noisy. Before tightening off the axle nut, make certain that you cover the whole assembly with good quality bearing […]

Too Much Weight

4WD on dirt track

THE DANGERS INVOLVED… When you drive into Birdsville from the south, one of the first things you will see is Peter Barnes’ mechanical workshop on the left. Peter is a busy fellow. You will probably find him on his back fixing a 4WD’s suspension. Most of the time it’s broken leaf springs or shackles, airbags […]