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A MAINS POWER INVERTER ALLOWS YOU TO RUN YOUR 240V APPLIANCES FROM YOUR BATTERY BANK. WE’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT INVERTER. WHAT IS A POWER INVERTER, AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE? A power inverter takes the 12V or 24V direct current (DC) power from your battery bank, and converts it to […]

Portable Refrigerators – Power Consumption

Portable Refrigerators – Power Consumption Over the past few years there have been some tremendous advances in 12/24 Volt fridge technology. This primer gives you some information on their power consumption and other issues. If you want a fridge to take camping or go Grey Nomad-ing or whatever, you really should buy something specifically designed […]

Solar Charge Controllers

WHAT IS A SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER, AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE? IT’S THE CONTROLLER BETWEEN YOUR SOLAR PANEL AND YOUR BATTERY (OR BATTERIES) The sun’s intensity varies throughout the day, the season, and of course with the weather. So the output from your solar panel isn’t constant either. The voltage from an average solar […]

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