The Coleman Hyperflame stove is here, bringing unrivalled innovation to revolutionise outdoor cooking. Cut boiling times in half!

HyperFlame is the latest in cooking technology by Coleman. Using WindBlock™ Shield technology the Hyperflame can reduce boiling times by half while also eliminating the need for side wind blocks, meaning you can fit even wider pots on your stove. The clever Downward stair stepping burner design reduces the flames exposure to the wind, and the larger diameter burner provides for wider heat distribution.


  • Removable pan support and aluminised cooktop for easy cleaning
  • Secure lid hatch system and non-skid feet
  • Fully adjustable independent burner controls
  • Heavy duty 3 piece pivoting handle
  • Includes hose – 3/8 fitting
  • 43 x 18.8 x 66cm, 6.95kg


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