…Or, how to do yourself out of a sale for a good product (INOX)

A survey conducted by people in the USA (who obviously had nothing else to do) made an amazing finding. The organisers of the survey set up an experiment where they tried to (as scientifically as possible) find the best penetrating fluid to release rusted-on nuts. They basically found that popular brand silicone-based products halved the amount of torque required to unscrew a non-oil (dry) rusted nut. Well and good. What they then found was that “an old wives tale recipe” beat the brand-name product by a factor of almost 80%! In summary (These are not actual torque wrench numbers, they are scale numbers).

Summary Of Results

• No penetrating oil at all: 500ft/lbs

• Most popular silicon-based product: 245 ft/lbs

• “Home brew” mix: 50 ft/lbs

Well, here goes. The magic mix is 50% Automotive Transmission Fluid (ATF), 50% Acetone mixed together. How it was applied to the crook nut wasn’t mentioned but you can imagine using an old paint brush or something. It could also be used on larger rusted out sub-assemblies (ie. trailer hubs) etc.*

If you are curious, please give this a try and send us your feedback. You never know, we might put it in a pump-pak and sell it to you! If you don’t want the hassle, you can always buy some INOX.

*Note: You have to be a bit careful with ATF as it can lift paint, so keep an eye on spills. Naturally, we do not make any warranties for this, as we are not actually selling you anything! Do just be careful. Remember also Acetone is flammable and a solvent to a lot of things including some plastics.