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Victoria is home to one of the world’s longest uninterrupted beaches?


Ninety Mile Beach is an approximately 144km-stretch (around 90 miles) of pristine golden sand, which separates Bass Strait from the Gippsland Lakes.

Nestled along Victoria’s south-eastern coastline, Ninety Mile Beach officially begins 230km from Melbourne at Woodside Beach, and it culminates where the lakes meet the southern ocean, in the fishing town of Lakes Entrance.

You can hop a public train/bus service, which will take you directly from Melbourne to nearby Bairnsdale or Lakes Entrance, or you can get there via a three-hour car commute along the South Gippsland Highway. This route takes you via the towns of Woodside Beach, Seaspray, Golden Beach or Loch Sport and Lakes Entrance.

Steeped in indigenous history, Ninety Mile Beach is located on part of the country of the Gunaikurnai Aboriginal people.


Ninety Mile Beach and the surrounding Gippsland region is widely known for its fishing, with Australia’s largest surf fishing competition – the Ninety Mile Beach Surf Fishing Competition – held annually during late January.

Beneath the waters of Ninety Mile Beach, hundreds of species of marine life can be found living in the sand, while at the end of Ninety Mile Beach you’ll discover Lakes Entrance – the point where the ocean meets the Gippsland Lakes. The Gippsland Lakes is the largest inland water system in the Southern Hemisphere, and on a clear weather day you’ll be hard pressed to find a more stunning and picturesque landscape than the view overlooking the lakes system from the Kalimna Lookout near Lakes Entrance.

Renowned for its local produce and wine, its plethora of nature-based activities, and its expansive accommodation options, Ninety Mile Beach and its surrounding areas cater seamlessly to families and individuals alike, with popular swimming spots along the 90 miles, patrolled by the Surf Life Saving Association during peak summer periods.


If beach fishing, boating, swimming, walking, mountain bike riding, kayaking, trail running, four-wheel driving or camping tickle your fancy, then Ninety Mile Beach and its surrounds will definitely make you happy. In addition to these typical seaside offerings, Ninety Mile Beach also boasts some highly unique visitor experiences. For example, there are very few beaches – especially in Victoria – where you can take in all of nature’s beauty from the back of a camel! Available from December to April, Australian Camels offers unique beach safaris, providing visitors to Lakes Entrance with an unforgettable 40-minute camel experience along Ninety Mile Beach.

Of course, if you’re seeking a more adrenalin-filled adventure than your camel can offer, then a Scenic or Serenity flight may be more your style. Available from December and throughout the summer holiday period, Bandicoot Adventures delivers an experience of a lifetime that enables you to experience Ninety Mile Beach and the Gippsland Lakes system from the air.

In October, the region also plays host to the annual Australian Adventure Festival, which attracts hundreds of outdoor activity enthusiasts and athletes who compete in trail running, adventure racing, kayaking and mountain bike riding events.

During your visit to Ninety Mile Beach, it’s worth setting aside time to explore the wider Gippsland region, which is an absolute haven for outdoor activity lovers. If you drive for just an hour or few along the Great Alpine Road you’ll travel through the historic high country towns such as Omeo and Swifts Creek, eventually finding yourself in the Victorian Alps – home to Mt Hotham and Dinner Plain. Or, head north east for around 40 minutes and you’ll stumble into an underground wonderland called Buchan Caves, which is a honeycomb of caves filled with spectacular limestone stalactite and stalagmite formations.


There is a myriad of accommodation options along Ninety Mile Beach. In Golden Beach you can stop in at 90 Mile Beach House and Villas or Ninety Mile Beach Escape (where your four-legged friends are also welcome). Further up the highway in Loch Sport you can bunker down at 90 Mile Beach Holiday Retreat, or if you’re partial to a caravan park then check out Seaspray Caravan Park. Holiday houses are also available in The Honey-suckles or Paradise Beach, but whether you’re an avid tent-dweller, a caravan fan, a cabin camper, or a motel/resort devotee, Lakes Entrance is the region’s crown jewel of accommodation, offering options to suit all budgets and preferred styles (including pet-friendly options).


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