Brass Monkey Icebox

If you like your beer ice cold (who doesn’t?!) and your fishing catch kept fresh on ice then you’ll need an Esky you can depend on. These super efficient ice boxes from Road Tech Marine are durable and boast a high level of thermal insulation to get the most out of that expensive bag of ice. The boxes are UV resistant, feature stainless steel latches and corrosion proof hinges so they can be right at home on your boat. The carry handles are large for manly hands, and moulded into the box for added strength.

Available in 5 sizes from 50 to a massive 160 litres, starting from just $159. They are amusingly branded “Brass Monkey”, based on the old Aussie joke about it being so cold that it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey! THAT’S COLD!

Brass Monkey Ice Boxes can be found here: