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Battery Banks

3 different batteries in front of a caravan

HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT A BATTERY BANK? A GUIDE ON WHERE TO KEEP YOUR HOUSE POWER BATTERIES As we all know, all car type batteries are heavy. After all, they have lead in them, right? Too, too right. And the better quality ones are even heavier because they have even more […]

Deep Cycle – What It Means

Mechanic placing battery into car

DEEP CYCLE – WHAT IT MEANS When you own and drive a car, 4WD, truck, etc, you hardly think about the battery that starts the motor. This is because the automotive engineers who designed the engine have made the autoelectrics, motor and battery system very, very reliable. As a result you hit the ignition system, […]

Talking First Aid

Person applying a gauze bandage to another person

THIS IS A LIST OF FIRST-AID ITEMS THAT YOU SHOULD CARRY AS A MINIMUM You must take into account: 1. How long you will be on the road 2. Where you are travelling, i.e. Mainly Outback or mainly Coastal 3. Do you, your partner or dependants have special needs? Generally the older you are the […]

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