Where is it?

Just off the QLD coast south of Bundaberg, or about 400km north of Brisbane. It’s over 120km long, and up to 22km wide. Overall, it’s the largest sand island in the world at over 184,000 hectares! Of course it’s a true island, so you’ll need to book tickets on the Fraser Island Ferry or Barge services to actually get from the mainland to the island, which will take just under an hour to cross the Great Sandy Strait between the mainland and the island.

What’s it like?

Beautiful is an understatement. Clear white sand or lush green vegetation is what you’ll find almost everywhere. It’s over 98% pure quartz sand, which means you’ll rarely see heavy colour in the sand often found on mainland beaches further south. The sands are constantly shifting and moving. Many areas are stabilised with vegitation, and there are a few rocky outcrops from ancient volcanic activity.

Fraser Island is a World Heritage Listed area. It’s nature’s own example of juxtaposition. It’s the only place in the world with Rainforests growing in Sand Dunes. While it’s made completely of sand and surrounded by seawater, it features over 100 freshwater lakes. The island’s water table is estimated at 10-20 million megalitres. To express that as something more sensible – it’s about 20-40 times the total capacity of Sydney Harbour. Of course that’s largely underground – sometimes deeper than 30m below sea level.

But enough of the school report – what about the fun stuff?


Some of the major draw cards to Fraser Island is the 4WD adventures, joy flights, camping, fishing, and rainforest tours.

The entire island is 4WD territory. If you’re bringing your own or hiring one, then you can freely explore (with an appropriate vehicle access permit). Tracks cross the island to link you to lakes.

If you’re not bringing your own 4WD, Air Fraser run joy flights and 4WD tours, and use 75-Mile beach as their airstrip. It’s surely the ultimate way to see the island in its full beauty.

For something a little more casual, 75-Mile beach offers some of the best saltwater fishing around. Check local guides for seasonal tips

There are several shipwrecks on the Island, with Fraser waters claiming 23 wrecks by 1935, even with The Sandy Cape Light House being switched on in 1870. The most famous wreck is The Maheno, which has a long history but still resides on the beach with easy access.

Humpback Whales are often spotted on their migrations between August and October. The best way to see them are with a tour, to the calm waters of Platypus Bay (off the north west coast). The whales put on spectacular displays for tourists.

There are also plenty of walking tracks across the island. Some within easy access of the resorts, others accessed by 4WD. Take a stroll around the lakes, through the rainforests, or along endless beaches.

Where to stay?

Camping – there are 45 different camping areas on Fraser Island, each with different facilities and access. Camping on the island requires permits, which can be purchased online up to 6-months in advance (recommended for peak seasons).

If you’re not a fan of tents or sleeping bags, there are two resorts on the island. Kingfisher Bay Resort is on the western side of the island with a huge range of ameneties including 4WD hire and petrol station. Eurong Beach Resort is centrally placed on Seventy-Five Mile Beach with quick access to the southern lakes and nearby rainforests.

Pack Your Bags!

If you’re travelling to Fraser Island, stop by RTM for some useful items:

Camping Stoves Open fires are usually prohibited on Fraser Island, so packing a gas stove is a reliable option to make sure you can cook up a storm. Our economical TCA107 single burner stove is exceptionally popular and will go just about anywhere.
Recovery Gear If you’re planning on some 4WD adventures, recovery gear is essential. Our RSC374 folding shovel will help dig out of a bog, and a RSC310 tow strap will be essential if you can’t dig your way out.
First Aid It might be a popular spot, but a good first aid kit is essential in case of accident. Our TSC452 300-piece emergency kit is an invaluable inclusion.
Portable Fridge / Freezer If you’re camping for a few days or more, a portable electric fridge / freezer can save you trips back to the mainland for fresh supplies. Check out our 50L TOG134 unit.


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