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Ingredients 1 cup Self Raising flour 3 beaten eggs 1 teaspoon butter (melted) 1 ¼ cup milk Non-stick cooking oil Method Mix Self Raising flour, eggs, milk and butter in a bowl. (If you wish to make sweet pancakes add a tablespoon of sugar). Let the mixture sit in the fridge overnight or for one […]

Fried Fish

Ingredients 2 large fish fillets (not salmon, preferably white flesh fish) Plain flour 1 egg, beaten ¼ cup milk 1 cup breadcrumbs Rice bran oil for frying Method Mix beaten egg and milk together and place in a shallow bowl. Place breadcrumbs and flour on individual plates. Dip each fish fillet in first the flour, […]

French Toast

Ingredients 4 tablespoon cooking oil + 1 tablespoon butter 4 slices of day old bread with the crusts removed (thick slices) 3 eggs beaten ½ cup milk 2 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon of vanilla ½ teaspoon cinnamon Extra sugar & cinnamon for topping Method Cut bread into 3 fingers per slice. Stir milk, eggs, sugar, […]