E-Go QuicKEY Caravan Mover

This clever caravan mover enables you to manoeuvre your caravan via remote control to hitch, de-hitch or park the caravan into exact parking position. It does this with a pair of powerful, high torque, 12V electric motors attached to the chassis by a bracket, and solid friction rollers that drive the wheels on the caravan. At the touch of a button you can accurately control the caravan’s movements.

The system can be fitted easily by a handy or competent person, or Road Tech Marine staff can put you in touch with a mobile fitting service. The system also differs from a lot of more expensive products in that once used it unclips from its location to be safely stowed, away from water and slush.

Designed for Australian and European caravans
Suitable for single axle caravans up to 2.25 tonnes or buy two pair for twin axle caravans up to 3.5 tonnes
Handles most surfaces and sloping ground too
Supplied with all of the kit and instructions to enable you to attach it to your caravan
2 year warranty

The caravan mover (TTA900) is available now for just $1495 per pair: