Premium Grade Outback Satellite TV Kit

No longer do you have to forego your favourite TV programs just because you are in the remote outback! The satellite-based system available from RTM called VAST TV gives you all the channels that you get at home on UHF high definition TV, including ONE HD, GO!, ABC HD, SBS HD, 7 Mate, etc, plus many others in other parts of Australia, such as IMPARJA. Once you have purchased the RTM/VAST outback TV kit, there is nothing else to pay, EVER! It can be powered by 12VDC or mains power (cigarette lighter lead and mains power adaptor included).

The RTM/VAST Kit comprises of a 75cm (29″) diameter satellite dish with removable amplifier arm, bubble level, wing nut, other hardware, etc, padded stowing bag, signal amplifier, map compass, special satellite meter, all cabling, and a special VAST certified decoder box (similar to a Foxtel box but different) to interface between the dish and your TV, remote control, and comprehensive instructions.

The complete kit (TDE400) costs just $599 and is available here: